The best host company for gaming content website

t1siteground the best host company for gaming content website

If you like incredibly lucrative winnings and a very fun and creative activity, then we recommend you to be an affiliate of the online casinos! This is a regal job with many challenges involved.

To start, you have to have your own website and host it in a reliable and secure host without worrying about the host prohibiting your account. From there things get difficult. Why? Because it is increasingly difficult to find a stable host with enough speed to run your niche betting website. Many hosts do not accept issues related to gambling on their servers.

We have reviewed the best WordPress friendly hosting companies that DO NOT ban the materials related to the game on their servers.

There are many host (servers) that without prior notice will close the sites without prior that are related to gambling. This is due to the legal complications of certain countries, most servers simply do not want to get involved. And unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it.
In general, people do not read or understand the small letters of the terms and conditions. Once they find out what’s going on, it’s already late.

Specific forums proliferate and many affiliates ask for advice on what to do, because many hosting companies close their sites overnight.

The good news is that there are alternative options when choosing a friendly accommodation with betting games, and we tell you in this article. We will also see some specific and popular hosts that you should avoid.

Factors to choose a good hosting company

Before entering the recommendations and warnings, it is important to know what you are looking for.

  • First of all: the hosting company must accept the niche gambling websites!
  • The hosting company must offer high-speed performance.
  • The hosting company must be reliable with little or no downtime.
  • The hosting company must have updated security functions and support for the latest versions of PHP.
  • The hosting company must have the simple administration options for the WordPress platform.
  • And finally you must have the update options (VPS administration) when your site will grow.

Siteground – the best reliable and secure choice for gaming sites

SiteGround is a host known for its incredible performance and support. You always have chat support in 2 minutes and the staff is extremely efficient and reactive. Apart from the support you can send the usual BS canned messages, as in the case of Godaddy and other similar host giants. Siteground has 5 data centers around the world, multilingual teams and offers international hosting services. Siteground is an independent company, which is growing rapidly and created in 2004.


Featured SiteGround features

  • Free SSL configuration: it is not necessary to spend separately on this and it has the function of automatic renewal
  • The latest version of PHP: your site will run quickly with PHP 7+
  • The latest version of CURL and MySQL
  • Content Delivery Network – free activation of the CloudFlare account with 1 click directly from cPanel
  • Advanced functions of SuperCacher and plugin support of SG Optimizer very useful.
  • Test environment: very useful to develop new versions of your site
  • Other good things about SiteGround are that it works perfectly with WordPress, it provides free SSL through
  • Let’s encrypt and 1 click on Cloudflare CDN setup.

But most importantly, it really does what it says it can do. Its TTFB (Time To First Byte) metric is really impressive, and because of data centers around the world, it can give international visitors a quick experience on their niche gaming site.

By the way, our Casinos Fortune website with Poka Affiliate WordPress Theme, is obviously hosted on SiteGround

In case if you have already hired a hosting, but want to change for another, we have good news! SiteGround offers you a new and easier way to move your WordPress site to SiteGround.

Many site owners settle for less-than-ideal server performance and security just to avoid the hassle of migrating their website. Luckily at SiteGround, we’ve made it easier than ever to transfer your WordPress website to us. How did we do it? With a WordPress plugin! By installing our new SiteGround Migrator plugin on your WordPress site, you can move your installation to us with a few clicks.

The easiest way to migrate your site

For many people, the thought of moving themes, plugins, and content to a new host is daunting. Of course at SiteGround, you always have the option to request a manual website migration by one of our support professionals. This service is even complimentary for your first site on GrowBig and GoGeek. However, this can take more time because it depends on the availability of our experts and can get costly if you have more than one site to migrate. We wanted to offer our customers an even simpler and more cost-effective way. Now, with our unique SiteGround Migrator plugin, you can transfer multiple WordPress sites from any host to SiteGround at no extra cost.

This free and elegant solution makes it possible for anybody, regardless of technical skill, to manage their own site transfers. Thanks to a Migration Token generated in your SiteGround account, you can tell any website hosted elsewhere to move to your new host in a totally secure way, because we encrypt everything before we move it.

SiteGround Migrator plugin

Simplify your life by consolidating multiple sites under one account

The new SiteGround Migrator plugin makes it easier than ever to transfer all your sites to one account. If you are using a GrowBig plan or higher, that powers multiple sites, you won’t have to pay extra for your subsequent migrations. This is great for power-users and freelancers, who manage multiple sites at the same time. You won’t have to keep track of multiple logins, accounts, and billing cycles when you manage everything with SiteGround. Plus, all your sites will have the same fast, secure, and feature-rich hosting we’re known for.

Whether you’ve just signed up to SiteGround, or you’re consolidating all your sites under one account, we’ve developed a detailed tutorial to walk you through the migration steps.

Visit SiteGround (we recommend the GrowBig plan for €6.45 /month, the best option for a powerful WP configuration)




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